Monday, January 5, 2015

20 Favorite Paintings #6, Snow Laden by Walter Launt Palmer

Snow Laden
Walter Launt Palmer

I had never heard of this painter or seen any of his work until a Facebook friend posted this and some others from him a few months ago.  As I looked at more of his work, I marveled that he was so relatively unknown.

About this painting in particular, I love the rather subtle nature of the purples here.  I think purple can be an abused color because it so bold and attracts so much attention.  Once an artist starts using it, it can be addictive and become far too overpowering or even a crutch in work.  But here, the purple is kept in check well I think.  There is a nice stillness to this design as well while retaining a dynamic due to the placement of the foreground tree.  I also really like how the sky scintillating qualities due to those flecks of higher value streaming down.  Very nice edges on the barely detectable background hill too, all made possible by hitting the value so very near to the sky at the horizon.

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