Saturday, January 31, 2015

Golden Open Acrylic Plein Air Spin

So I am in the early planning stages for a major trip this summer and I want to be able to do some plein air work while there.  I have previously traveled with oils and they were just barely dry enough to put in my luggage before going home.  Not that the work was really good enough to bother with but...
This trip, I do plan on getting some work done that IS worth bringing home and I don't want to risk it not being quite dry enough so I decided to experiment some.  I know from past experience that regulat acrylic is exasperating for me.  I have to religiously clean my palette and I can barely squeeze out enough paint to do anything.  I had been thinking about Golden Opens for a while so I finally decided to get a few and give them a spin.
I started out with:
Cobalt blue
Diarylide yellow
Transparent yellow oxide
Red oxide
Pyrrole red
Ti white

I will have to buy a few more tubes as these do not behave quite like a similar palette in the oils I typically use.  In particular, I had trouble getting dark enough darks.  But over all, it worked quite well.  I had plenty of time to work the paint and blend edges and the typical acrylic value shift does not seem tobe as problematic.  I still have to keep work area clean but it isn't quite as time critical.  Bottom line:  winner!


  1. Very beautiful painting !!!
    Happy Sunday !!!

  2. These images won't enlarge for some reason. Just code comes up in a new window. Weird. Look pretty good from what I can see, though.
    So, the Golden Open dries slower than regular acrylics? 'Cause that's a major drag for me, too.
    Oh, I've found a spray bottle helps with the palette drying too fast. A little.

  3. Not sure what's going on with the pictures not enlarging. I checked their properties and nothing looks different from usual. It is weird...

    Yes, the dry much more slowly than regular acrylic. I went and painted at Glory Hole a couple of weekends ago and was expecting to just throw the finished piece in my backpack and hike back out. Wrong. I had to carry it out by hand because it was still totally wet! Temps were around in the upper 40's to low 50's maybe and the humidity was pretty high. I can say that my selected palette needs some work as I can't make a very dark value at all with those colors.