Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year and Goals

First off, Happy New Year to everyone!  Like many people, I establish some goals for the coming year.  2014 was a total bust for me but the month of July left a smoking crater in my life so I have a good excuse for basically missing every goal I made.  Here are mine for the coming year, not just art related:

1) Get into a third gallery - I already have a possibility lined up but until my work is hanging, it doesn't count.
2) Get into 3 national shows - I don't think I got into a single national show in 2014 but again, I pretty much quit doing anything to advance my career after July.  There are several shows I plan to submit to in the coming days.
3) Have more surface area of art in my annual solo show at Cantrell Gallery than ever before - In 2014, I had fewer square inches of art than in 2013 and consequently made less despite selling very well.  I have until April and so far I am WAY behind but I am planning on larger paintings than I have ever painted so maybe I can make it.

1) Get back to 6:00 mile pace - Since I really cannot run long for a few years, making marathons out of the question, I will focus on getting faster and trying to get back miles in the 6 minute range.  Maybe that can lead to a sub 20 3k.
2) Top ten finish in my favorite road bike race - I probably should have gotten a top ten finish last year but had a mechanical at a critical time.  I really think a podium or a top 5 finish is possible but I don't want to set myself up for disappointment
3) Get podium finishes in at least 2 mountain bike races.
4) Run the Full Moon 25k again - No finish expectations as this distance will be difficult for me to train for but I can still finish.
5) Develop my son's cycling so that he can race this year.

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