Sunday, September 26, 2010

Village at Hendrix Preview Show

Here are my three paintings at the Village at Hendrix Designer House Preview show.  No they aren't landscapes or Arkansas related but I felt like posting this anyway since it is pertinant to art in this region.

This is a live/work home.  It would be distinguished from a residence over a business that you might see in older cities by the fact that it is a single family home and not a row.  This development is based upon the New Urban aesthetic of Seaside, Florida.  I have been told but have not confirmed that some of the same architects who designed Seaside were involved in The Village as well.  At this point in time, the lower commercial space is housing an impromptu gallery that is stocked by Pictures Et Cetera in Conway.  I would link to their website but I don't think they have one.  One of their artists is the incredibly talented Bill Garrison.  He's one of my absolute favorite Arkansas artists and I hope he does another workshop around here pretty soon.

I had the chance to explain these pieces, which have messages encoded on them in ASCII binary, to the mayor of Conway among many others.  I feel honored that of all of the rooms in the home decorated by various designers around the region, only one designer chose to hang obviously original art and that was mine. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Village at Hendrix Preview Tours

I've been a bit quiet here lately but that because I've been hard at work on 3 paintings for the Village at Hendrix Designer House.  Those are 3 of my more esoteric type pieces with coded messages.  I guess I would tend to call them abstract but that's a bit of a stretch.  Objective Abstraction perhaps??  Anyway, that show starts tomorrow night with a $50 per person dinner and cocktail party at the Designer House at 1105 Reynolds Avenue in Conway, AR.

I have 2 other events coming up in October as well.  The first is the Flying Jam at the Searcy County Airport in Marshall, AR on October 2nd.  The other is called ColorFest at the Ponca Elk Education Center in Ponca, AR in Newton County.  That is the weekend of October 23 and 24.  That's usually prime fall color time in the Ozarks.  Autumn in the Ozarks may not be quite the radiance of New England but the region certainly can hold its own and there's a definite magic to it.  I would highly recommend a visit if you can.  It's certainly a plus that you can see a herd of elk in rut during that same time in the same valley!  As that time draws near, I'll post more about that.

I hope to be able to get in some painting at both of these events as well as get back at the landscape painting.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Junction 57, Stephens, Ouachita County

Jct 57, Stephens
8X10, Oil on Wood

It's been a while since I've posted new material.  Here's one from our 4 county trip in southern Arkansas a few months ago.  We skirted up the western edge of Ouachita County.  Stephens was the first town we encountered.  What a photogenic little place this was!  I have plenty of material from this town.  After Stephens, we went up 57 and made our way to Poison Spring Battlefield.  I had been there once many years before but didn't remember very much about it.  I was a bit disappointed in that there were no cannon placements or any such items that would have made nice painting material.  We also spun over to White Oak Lake and after getting gas in Chidester we headed up to Gurdon for our last stop of the day.

We've talked some about going back to Magnolia for a weekend this fall or winter over a weekend.  If so, we'll take in El Dorado, Camden and more of Ouachita County, as well as a county or two to the west.