How to Purchase My Work:

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please contact me via email for price quotes.  I typically sell work framed and ready to hang but will also quote work unframed if so desired.  My quote will include shipping or delivery to your location if required so please include your location when contacting me.  You need not provide a full address, only your city.

Means of payment are:

-American Express
-Personal Check

If payment is by check, I will wait until the check clears before shipping.
If desired, I will gladly provide additional pictures including the frame. I do my best to make sure the pictures shown here are as accurate as possible to reality.

If you are not completely satisfied, then you may return the painting to me within 5 working days from receipt in the condition and packaging in which it was received for full refund.
To purchase my work, please drop me a quick email at wooldridge11@att.net. If you would prefer to speak via phone, I will gladly provide my personal number via email.

Price List by Size

Size Framed
5X7 $115
6X8 $150
8X10 $240
9X12 $315
10X14 $400
10X15 $410
11X14 $415
12X16 $470
14X18 $550
16X20 $650
18X24 $850
20X24 $925
20X30 $1,100
22X28 $1,125
24X30 $1,275
24X36 $1,500
30X40 $2,000

Why should you buy original art?

Painters like myself do what we do to share something we love with the world. Sometimes it's hard to part with our creations but finding a home for our paintings is about as rewarding as we can get, and I don't mean in the money you pay for an original piece of art. Speaking for myself, it's incredibly gratifying to know that someone has fallen so much in love with the work of my hand and heart that they are willing to pay their hard earned money to have it in their home. I can only assume most all other painters feel similarly.

You, the viewer and patron, are very important parts of the artistic community. You keep us going, not only in terms of being able to continue buying supplies and paying our bills but also in a much more important currency: passion. You see, when you buy original art from an artist, you stoke the fire of their passion and keep them painting or sculpting or whatever it is they do in a much more meaningful way than the dollar.

Support the arts by buying original art! Get to know the artist as well. They will get all the more gratification out of your purchase when they know how much you love their work. There is no substitute for knowing you have the original, the piece the artist touched with a brush. I know this for a fact because I'm not just a painter but also a buyer. We started out many years ago buying prints. Suffice it to say, I don't think I'd ever pay money for another print. It's not the same. Most artists, myself included will work out payment plans so there's really no reason to not own an original.