Friday, August 26, 2011

Guy, Faulkner County

Guy, Faulkner County
9X12, Oil on Panel

The little town of Guy is in northern Faulkner county.  This is very close to the epicenter of the recent spate of earthquakes which have rattle north central Arkansas.  This area is also right in the middle of the Fayetteville Shale region which is being exploited by the hydraulic fracturing process to extract natural gas.  Many people believe that the injection of the fracking fluid into the ground is the cause of the earthquakes here.  I find it fascinating that Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality issued a moratorium on injection on wells in this area and the earthquakes diminished rapidly!  I could stand on quite a soapbox about my feelings concerning hydraulic fracturing.  When the industry began to move in, I was cautiously optimistic that it would bring in much needed jobs and some wealth for the locals who desperately need it.  I say cautiously because I know it's the locals who usually get the butt end of the stick in things like this.  My optimism is pretty much gone.  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hot Springs Fine Arts Center Diamond National

I am pleased to announce that "Perry Train Yard" was accepted into the Diamond National Exhibition at the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center.  I delivered it last Saturday.  I was told that entries were up this year both in quality and quantity over last year.  This painting will be offered for sale at this show for the first and possibly only time.  I am seriously considering placing it in my personnal collection permanently.  The show opens with a reception and awards ceremony on Friday, September 2nd from 5-8PM.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sultry Searcy Day

Sultry Searcy County Day
18X24, Oil on Panel
Here is a larger version of a study I did a few weeks ago.  I have not painted this large in a while.  It was nice to see this one come together as quickly as it did since the last relatively large piece I did took several months to work out.

Being the lazy blogger I am, I have a rather substantial backlog of pieces to post, including some new counties.  You'd think I'd be in a hurry to post new counties.  I'll get around to it soon.

I have also recently learned that the Buffalo National River has canceled all artist residencies going forward due to budget cuts.  I believe that mine is the first one being cut.  It may be a blessing in disguise though as about half of my residency was going to taken up with teaching a workshop.   While I would have enjoyed the new challenge of teaching, I think I need to be spending most of my time in the act of painting.  I still plan on going to the river this fall and camping and painting just as I would have during my residency.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Long Pool Rocks, Pope County

Long Pool Rocks
11X14, Oil on Panel

I've built up a bit of an inventory of paintings during the short period while my camera was broken.  I have a new one that is a touch more sophisticated than my old but photographing paintings is never easy.  This new one goes into "landscape" mode when I do closely cropped shots of my pieces.  Guess that means I'm doing a good job!

These huge rocks at the end of Long Pool on Big Piney Creek in Pope County make excellent diving platforms.  They really are this big.  It is rather unusual in the Ozarks when no glaciers were ever active to move huge stones of this size.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mississippi River Bridge at Hwy 49, Helena, Phillips County

Mississippi River Bridge, Hwy 49
8X10, Oil on Panel

Here's the other from my trip to Helena.  Had a lot of trouble with this one, the paint just did not want to stick to the smooth panel with the 104°F heat index!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Gist Music, Helena, AR, Phillips County

Gist Music
9X12, Oil on Panel

I have finally gotten my camera replaced and have several paintings that need to be posted.  Here is the completed piece from my recent trip to Helena.  This is Gist Music on Cherry Street.

I am very pleased to announce that I have had two pieces accepted in the Arkansas League of Artists Juried show.  This show will hang at the Cantrell Gallery at 8206 Cantrell Road in Little Rock from September 9 to October 29.  The pieces accepted can be seen here and here.  This show was juried by an outstanding Little Rock based artist, Stephen Cefalo.  I feel very honored to have had not just one but two pieces selected by him for this show.