Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diamond Drive-In, Clarksville, Johnson County

Diamond Drive-In
9X12, Oil on Oak Panel

Clarksville is on I-40 and is at the intersection of the Ozarks and Arkansas River Valley.  Just north of town, the hills rise up.  I actually found this place by "driving" around in Google Maps!  The actual photo reference though was taken first hand a few months ago.  It is still in business but was closed the day we were there.  This was difficult architecture to paint!  There are quite a few interesting subjects in Clarksville that I hope I may get to paint one day and definitely some beautiful places in the Ozarks just to the north of town.

I'm trying to work on some larger pieces right now and I hope I can carry this rough yet painterly style over to those sizes.  It has been an achilles heel of mine that my larger pieces do not have quite the same handling as my smaller pieces.  I think they still look like "me" but just do not have what these small intimate pieces have.  I'm also going to try to have 22 counties complete by the end of this month.  Stay tuned and see how I do!