Monday, June 30, 2014

Keesee Church, Monarch, Marion County

Keesee Church
8X10, Oil on Panel

At the beginning of May, I attended my first ever plein air competition, Plein Air on the White River in the northern part of the state.  This area is close to where I grew up so I know it well.  The competition is centered around the town of Cotter.  The White River has been dammed up in several places, forming Beaver, Bull Shoals, and Table Rock Lakes.  The water that pours out of Bull Shoals Dam is cold and provides a great habitat for trout, making Cotter a haven for fly fishermen.  Most attendees spent a lot of time around the river near Cotter painting the typical scenes.  I, however, in typical contrarian fashion, struck out far and wide and found things no one else would have looked for.  This little church is tucked down a long valley about 20 miles from Cotter near Monarch.  Monarch isn't really a town anymore even though a lot of people still refer to it almost as if it is.  I used to pass by this church often.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Honeysuckle and Home, Rector, Clay Co.

Honeysuckle and Home, Rector, AR
6X8, Oil on Panel
It is a very special challenge trying to paint buildings on such small sizes and have them look like how I want.  This one was well begun on site but had to be finished up in studio.  It was officially the LAST of the 75 counties!  YAY!!!

Daffodils Near Mounds, Greene County

Daffodils Near Mounds
9X12, Oil on Panel
One of my favorites from the entire project!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just an Update!

Yesterday, I took down my show at Cantrell Gallery.  It was another great, successful show this year but the effort of finishing this Painting Arkansas project really put me under.  I guess that was part of the reason I didn't post anything about the show here like I normally would.  So, yes, I am done!  But I still have to post and document two counties.  Both of those paintings sold during the show.  I have barely touched a paint brush in the last 2 months but am slowly getting back to work.  Be on the lookout for new stuff very soon!