Friday, August 26, 2011

Guy, Faulkner County

Guy, Faulkner County
9X12, Oil on Panel

The little town of Guy is in northern Faulkner county.  This is very close to the epicenter of the recent spate of earthquakes which have rattle north central Arkansas.  This area is also right in the middle of the Fayetteville Shale region which is being exploited by the hydraulic fracturing process to extract natural gas.  Many people believe that the injection of the fracking fluid into the ground is the cause of the earthquakes here.  I find it fascinating that Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality issued a moratorium on injection on wells in this area and the earthquakes diminished rapidly!  I could stand on quite a soapbox about my feelings concerning hydraulic fracturing.  When the industry began to move in, I was cautiously optimistic that it would bring in much needed jobs and some wealth for the locals who desperately need it.  I say cautiously because I know it's the locals who usually get the butt end of the stick in things like this.  My optimism is pretty much gone.  

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