Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, North Lawn, Benton County

Crystal Bridges, North Lawn
11X14, Oil on Panel

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is a located in Bentonville in Benton County.  This is an incredibly impressive, world-class facility.  It's collection is large and growing with some of America's great luminary artists represented:  Sargent, Remington, Rothko, geez I could go on and on.  It is a must see and is already generating a massive influx of tourists to the region.  I highly recommend the trip here to visit.  I will have to try to do a post about the contents of the museum itself here in the near future.

This is county 50 of 75 finally.  I am way off the mark for my goal of twenty counties this year but I have a trip planned soon to the southeastern corner of the state which should knock out a several more.

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