Tuesday, October 8, 2013


8X10, Oil on Panel

I've been having some issues lately with getting pictures of new paintings from my camera to my computer so they can be processed for uploading so here is an older piece.  Hopefully I will have another new painting to publish here tonight.

I really should paint flowers more often. 

I seem to like to do still life during the spring and fall for some reason. I know a lot of people would quote some composition "rules" on me about this one but I really like the composition. I think the splash of the warmest yellow in the center of the opening blossom is more than sufficient to overcome the convergence of "pointers" that some would say work to pull the eye out of the frame. This was a conscious choice. I looked at several different arrangements and subtle variations of this one and I just kept coming back to this general setup. I thought there was great tension in the relative positions of the flowers within the frame.

It was amazing how fast the one blossom opened as I painted them. It was barely cracked open when I was designing the image but by the time I was done the petals were diverging quickly! Had I needed another couple of hours, I think it would have been fully open. I did chase the shape some before I realized what was happening.

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