Monday, July 17, 2017

Portals to Light

Portals to Light
6X8, Mixed Media on Panel

This is a little plein air piece that has been sitting around for quite some time.  I was never terribly happy with the result in the field.  There were a lot of things I DID like about it but it was never really connecting with me.  I knew what it was too and had even written about it before here.  I started this with Golden Opens and it was one of my first attempts at using those.  I was a little bit frustrated that I was unable to make a nice deep dark with them at the time.  I later purchased some new colors so I could get deeper darks but then found myself unhappy with the consistency of the paint and not able to work it like I would have liked.

Regardless, I may still take the Golden Opens with me in a couple of weeks when I travel to Denmark!

Anyway, enjoy this one because I really like the result after the rework with oils in the studio.

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  1. Congratulations John, this is a very wonderful landscape painting, I really love it !!!