Saturday, January 25, 2014

Quietude, Full Moon over White Oak Bayou

Quietude, Full Moon over White Oak Bayou
6X8, Oil on Panel

This was a little plein air I did at Burns Park in North Little Rock a bit before Christmas.  I had the very interesting company of 4 skunks (1 of which was albino and a another was almost totally white) while I painted it.  They rooted around in the leaves nearby like I wasn't even there, wandering to and fro.  As they got a little too close for comfort and I began to think about leaving, I shined my light on them a spoke loudly but calmly to them, telling them to leave me alone and go away.  To my surprise, they complied and ran off nicely to the nearby woods.  The admonishment didn't last too long, though, as they came back a while later.  I kindly asked them to leave on several occasions, each time they would run away and come back, not unlike a group of young children.

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