Wednesday, November 27, 2013

20 Favorite Paintings #4, Insect Chorus by Charles Burchfield

I think I came to know about Charles Burchfield via an article in a magazine I was reading at a book store one time.  I was instantly struck by how innovative this guy was and that someone who was so innovative was so little known.  In Insect Chorus, Burchfield tries to give us his interpretation of the cacophony of insects in the summer time.  The varying linear forms are his language for different sounds.   Down in the lower left we have crickets with a sharp raucous call while in the trees, cicadas drone on with swirling forms that seem to wind around each other, starting and restarting within a larger, persistent structure.  This is genious at work.  He developed an entire logical structure of form language for this piece.  In other pieces, he did much that same but with feelings such as joy and, more commonly,  fear and foreboding.  I would really urge you to check this guy out.  He did some really special work.

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