Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ouachita Riffle, Saline County

Ouachita Riffle
9X12, Oil on Panel
Over a year ago I went over to the Ouachita National Forest to do some plein air painting and picture taking for Saline County.  The trip netted me this one of the North Fork of the Saline River as a studio piece from photo.  Earlier on in th day, I found a little stream on a road north of Lake Winona, parked and walked into the woods to see what I could find.  Lo and behold, there was this rock structure that is so indicitive of the Ouachitas that I had to set up and paint it.  I had just recently bought some tubes of gouache that I wanted to try en plein air so I broke those out first and had a disaster on my hands.  So I canned that and got out the oils and started in again.  I was really excited about the start of the start of the painting.  I opted for a more standard and quicker oil sketch with block in.  But at some point I got disenchanted with it.  The day was a touch overcast and cold and I was having a lot of trouble hitting the values right so I pulled up stakes and took off.  This thing sat under the table in the my studio for months and then I drug it out and fixed it up.

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