Monday, July 1, 2013

Flat Iron Building, Eureka Springs, Carroll County, A Show Opening, and a Mountain Bike Race!

Flat Iron Building, Eureka Springs
16X20, Oil on Panel
Here is the last piece that made it into my solo show at Cantrell Gallery that opening last Friday night.  Not a whole lot to say about this one.  It's the Flat Iron Building in Eureka Springs, one of my favorite towns in Arkansas.  Obviously, this building is modeled after the NYC Flat Iron.  If memory serves, this actual building is the second Flat Iron in Eureka.  The first one burned to the ground at some point and was rebuilt.
My show opening on Friday night was an awesome success!  I was extremely pleased with the turnout.  There were times when the room was about as full as it could reasonably be!  I apologize to the people I that I know who I wasn't able to say hi to because I was busy talking to other people.  I received a whole lot of support both from coworkers at my day job and the local cycling community.  The cyclists came out in droves to see the show including some who were in town for a mountain bike race the next day.  The opening also made the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Top Ten List of things to do that weekend, coming in at #7!  Wish I could find a link to that.  I was asked about several counties and when I was going to get around to them so this concept is very well received in the local community.  I sold eight pieces on opening night with at least two of them going to a large medical facility.  Yes, a very successful show for me!

Some of the many fellow cyclists who came out
I also followed up the show by doing my first ever mountain bike race the next morning!  That was also a great success except for the fact that I somehow managed to lose my wife's brand new cycling glasses before the race even started.  I got 2nd out of 13 in my class.  It helped that I really knew the trails well.  Check out the writeup about the race from a very popular local outdoors blog, Arkansas Outside!  Looks like I'll be heading back up to Eureka Springs in a couple of weeks for another mountain bike race called the Phat Tire Festival.  I won't be racing this time but I will be taking some pictures for painting references!

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