Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Old Main, Summer, Washington County

Old Main, Summer
14X18, Oil on Panel
Every Arkansan should know this building.  Even if you didn't go to school here or prefer to cheer for that other school over in the Delta you should still know where this is.  For non-Arkansans, this is Old Main.  It is the cornerstone building of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.  The building has two towers but this painting only depicts the south tower.  There is a legend that says that the architect who designed the building was a Confederate sympathizer and designed the south tower to be taller than the north tower.  However, during construction, the contractor, who was said to be a Northerner, noticed the difference and flipped the plans thus making the north tower the taller one.  There is no proof of the veracity of this story so we will never know but it is a fact that the north tower is slighly taller and has a convex shape while the south tower is concave.  The building was completed in 1875 and was at the time the largest building in the state.

This painting will be featured in a solo show I have coming up at the Cantrell Gallery.

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