Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bill Garrison Workshop and an Award

Earlier this week, I spent 3 days up the Arkansas River in Russellville for a workshop with one of the best painters in the state, Mr. Bill Garrison.  This was Bill's first workshop in quite a few years so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate.  The workshop was held at an Arkansas Tech University facility called Lake Pointe.  It was a beautiful location with nice views of Mt. Nebo across Lake Dardanelle.  The campus had many mature trees for shade and to provide balance for the big but distant views.  The first day was a bit damp and cold so it was spent inside with Bill doing demos.  The second day was very seasonable and after a short morning demo, we hit the easels.  I got a nice underpainting and another "finished" piece on the first day.  The second day was much warmer, with highs probably in the mid 80's, with bright sun.  It was windy on the lake side of the point upon which the facility was located.  However, I had my sights set on a low train bridge on the cove side which was sheltered from the wind.  It was an old rusty thing but still strong and in use.  The dull, rusty red made a wonderful counterpoint against the bright green of the trees busting open.  I "finished" that one by around 2 or so and then went in for the rest of the day.

Here's one of them from the first day.  I'm going to make some tweaks to the other two.

Mt. Nebo #1
8X10, Oil on linen panel

Buckstaff Baths won a merit award at the Hot Springs Fine Arts Center Regional Show!

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