Saturday, April 16, 2011

Big Springs Smoked Meats and Restaurant

Yesterday, we went up to Searcy County to hang some paintings at Big Springs Smoked Meats and Restaurant in St. Joe on Hwy 65.    It would be pretty hard to miss the place, it's on one of the few straight stretches of road between Western Grove and Leslie.  I can personally testify that the brisket sandwich is extremely tasty and worth the stop if you happen to be traveling 65 through the heart of the Ozarks.  Of course, I think my paintings are worth a stop too but I'm a bit biased in that.  And if my paintings are no longer there, then you will probably be able to see some by Harrison artist Tara Carey.  Great food, great art,'s a no lose situation.

I also used this trip to get more reference photos from the Gilbert area.  Gilbert is a small town (population 33) right on the Buffalo River.  It is very typical for Gilbert to record the coldest temperatures in the state during the winter and the sign coming into town proudly claims it to be the "coolest town in Arkansas."  There's one shot I got of a church which I think will be excellent material.  I almost got a face full of barbed wire fence when I slipped in some mud coming back across a small creek from getting the picture.  That actually makes me fairly certain it will turn out to be an exceptional piece, no pain no gain after all.

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