Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lonoke Depot, Lonoke County

Lonoke Depot
11X14, Oil on Panel

Three weekends ago I went over to the next county east of here for some plein air in the town of Lonoke.  Lonoke is, aptly, the county seat of Lonoke County.  Before going over there, I checked the town out on Google Street view and really liked the downtown area.  It's an odd sort of layout, with two main rows of businesses centered on the sides of the railroad tracks.  This very interesting depot anchors the downtown area.  The courthouse square is about 2 blocks north of the downtown.

Unlike many other areas of the Delta, Lonoke is holding up quite well.  I'm sure being within commuting distance of Little Rock has a lot to do with that.  The downtown, while not thriving, is holding it's own in a time when so many others are just falling apart.

I did the underpainting for this one on site and then moved on to another painting of the end of the building.  There is a large relief on the end that proudly proclaims, "Lonoke" and I wanted to show that.  The painting turned out to not be of the quality I expect so it I paint over it with oil primer and reuse the panel.


  1. Thanks Antonin, I've actually decided to mess with this one some more.