Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Train Bridge - Cotter, Baxter County

Train Bridge - Cotter
6X8, Oil on Oak Panel

The town of Cotter sits on the banks of the White River.  This train bridge is just upstream from a vehicular bridge of historical note.  The White River in this area is renown for it's trout fishing.  Cotter has been bypassed by a new stretch of 4 lane divided US 412/62.  I wonder what the future holds for this town?  Often times, when small towns like this get bypassed they just fade away.  Cotter at least has a good deal of tourist trade and maybe it will hang on or possibly even thrive with the better access a 4 lane divided highway can bring.


  1. Nice job on the Cotter Train Bridge. Looks like you're gearing up for the Cotter Plein Air Event in May. Hope to see you there. I'll see you next week at Lake Point.
    Bill Garrison

  2. Hey Bill! So glad you came by and left a comment. Unfortunately, I don't have enough vacation time to make it to the Cotter Plein Air event. I'm also pretty sure I'm not remotely close to having the chops for a plein air competition! This one was studio work. I'm definitely looking forward to the workshop next week! I should make a blog entry about that Cotter competition...