Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More from Hasty

Well, I've uploaded pieces from all 8 counties I've completed as of the outset of this project. I almost have a new county complete and I'll upload that one soon. I also have a couple of trips to report on but on the meantime, here's the sister piece to this one.
Hasty - Downstream
8X10, Oil on Wood

This is Newton County on the Buffalo National River. The new bridge is visible in the distance from this location. The old low water slab is still there I believe.
I'm working on a county map to show you where I've been and all the many places I still need to go!


  1. This is quite a project and it's great to see you pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, away from the studio and into some plein air painting. This is my favourite so far, with its red ground and transparent waters. I'm looking forward to following your progress!

  2. Thanks Caroline, this one just kind of painted itself without much struggle at all. I used a clear gesso so the ground is the natural wood grain. The plein air work is pretty difficult for me as I'm typically a very slow and ponderous painter but I'm working on it!