Friday, February 3, 2017

Binary Opposition #1

Binary Opposition #1
30X30, Oil on Panel

Let me just lead this post off by saying this is old work.  This is from 2009 and was my first in a short series of experimental pieces incorporating encoded messages.  I mentioned these in passing to a friend who expressed a desire to see them.  That prompted me to take a look here and make sure I had posted them.  I looks like I never actually did that.  For a while, I kept a separate blog for all of my work that was not directly related to Arkansas scenes but I found that was too much and I abandoned it and tried to upload everything that was on that blog to here but I guess I missed some things.

I have quite a lot of new works that will be uploaded soon.  These older coded pieces will get posted interspersed with new work.  I won't give away too many secrets as to how to figure out what this says but it really have a message in it.  If you want to figure it, by all means, please take a crack at it!

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