Friday, September 18, 2015


12X24, Oil on Panel

I typically go weeks wondering if I have any clue as to what I'm doing.  Then suddenly, something like this falls out of the sky and renews my faith in myself.  Don't worry though, I'm already back to wondering if I have a clue.

"I think you think you know
what you're getting into.
I think you you think you're ready,
that you understand,
that letting go comes easy,
that it's second nature.
I think that at some level, we all wish this were true.
But we never really know how attached we are,
or how accustomed we've become
to having and holding,
to seeing and saying 'I love you.'
I think we spend so much time promising to never leave,
not because we think we would,
but because if we never leave them,
then they'd never leave us.
And I think it's safe to be honest,
the latter hurts more.
When they leave, they leave holes,
an emptiness that we believe simply cannot be filled.
I think it's true, what they say about time,
that time heals,
but it's funny,
no one ever tells us that time forgets.
I think it's because it isn't true.
You never forget their absence,
those significant days,
the ones you wish the calendar would simply skip.
We close our eyes to them,
but even in darkness we're reminded.
Things are complicatedly simply,
and all together different.
I think we think we know,
how to handle death,
how to stay present in the land of the living when the one we love isn't.
But I think if we were honest,
we'd admit we haven't a clue,
we'd just wake up,
and do it."

Words by This Patch of Sky, from the song "Selah."


  1. Very beautiful painting !!!
    Have a nice and creative week John !!!

  2. That one should renew your confidence. It's great. I can relate to the wondering thing, though.

  3. Thanks Albert, it did...for a short while.