Thursday, April 17, 2014

Palmetto Flats WMA, Little River County

Palmetto Flats WMA
6X8, Oil on Panel
A fair bit of the time when I was out doing my collecting of material or plein air painting for this project, I would have locations preselected.  Using Google Maps to find interesting buildings to go paint or photograph is a great tool.  Sometimes I would wander aimlessly til I found something.  And other times I would have a more generic idea of where I was planning to go.  Palmetto Flats Wildlife Management Area was one of those.  I had never heard of it before finding it on a map and web searches did not turn up a whole lot other than the fact that a lot of palmetto plants could be found there and it was a good place to bird watch. 
Turns out, Palmetto Flats is pretty isolated and the "entrance" is a little hard to find.  Maybe that's why there isn't much out there about it.  I had been witness to a fantastic sunrise as I neared Texarkana so I had hopes for good light.  But a little while after I got involved in this one, the light faded as cloudcover moved in.
Still, I stuck it out and tried to deal with the change as best as possible.  I think there could be a lot more potential in Palmetto Flats.  A shame it's so far away.

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