Monday, August 19, 2013

20 Favorite Paintings #2, The Watermill, Sunset by Isaac Levitan

I've posted this one before.  It's one of my favorite paintings of all time and perhaps I should have saved it again for a later installment of this series.  By far, Isaac Levitan is one of my favorite painters.  I have thought long and hard about trying to do a copy of this painting and possibly others by him.

In this piece, I am infatuated with Levitan's command of value gradations.  I particularly love the light on the far hill.  The values here are wonderfully compressed with the darks still being higher in value that most of the lights on the nearer, shadowed hill face.  I think the reflection of the far hill in the water is more saturated than the actual hill colors but it works for some reason.  It's just SO green and yet does not suffer one bit from how acrid some paintings with so much green can be, the so-called "green hell."  This isn't the only painting Levitan did with just an abundance of green.  There is just wonderful sense of space in this painting.  I think maybe I will try to do a copy of this one.

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