Thursday, December 1, 2011

Dying Light at Rush, Marion Co.

Dying Light at Rush
12X16, Oil on Panel

This is based on a plein air I did during the summer at Rush on the Buffalo River.  I had lots of trouble with the color when I was there but I thought the concept and scene were very worthy.

Rush is so named because it was once a mining town.  Zinc was the primary resource extracted there.  While most of the boom town that sprung up practically overnight here is gone, a few structures remain.  The national park service is not actively preserving these structures, however.  There is a trail that runs around one of the old talus piles and if one does not know what they are looking at, they would probably never realize what it was.  Truly a testament to the transient nature of human culture and civilization.  Mother Earth can very quickly cover over our clever industriousness.


  1. great shapes and beautiful color harmony!

  2. Many thanks Antonin and Celeste!!

    This one was pretty difficult for me. I struggled mightily with the color in some passages.