Thursday, October 21, 2010

Red Rock Point and ColorFest 2010

Red Rock Point, Eastern Face
8X10, Oil on Board

Here's another view from Newton County. Red Rock Point is near Mt. Judea and is one of my favorite locations in the state. This imposing piece of rock is said to be one of the finest pieces of sandstone for climbing between Appalachia and the Rockies.

I'm posting yet another view from Newton County because that's where I'll be tomorrow for ColorFest.  I'll be on the other side of the county from Red Rock Point in Ponca however.  The event is at the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Elk Education Center from 10AM to 4:30PM, October 22 and 23.  Come on out and visit if you have time and are in the vicinity!  As Chris suggested a couple of months ago, I'll be checking out the town of Nail on the way!


  1. I do not think I saw this one before. It is just amazing !

  2. Thanks Antonin!

    Cezanne had Mont Sainte-Victoire...I have Red Rock Point! Only I don't live close enough to paint it as much as I'd like. This is my third painting of this mountain.

    I've never put this one anywhere else on the internet. It was intended to be sort of a "virtual" plein air where I focused on broad, loose brush work and really analyzed the big shapes. I was hoping to use this as a teaching tool to get me used to plein air. That part didn't quite work out as planned but I do think I succeeded in distilling it down to the biggest shapes.